In my minds eye, that crack was a sound that echoed across SUF.

In reality, it was a soft ‘phut’ like a wet straw folding as my legs gave out in the second interval of TBITTW. 1 minute rest, then straight back into it - hopefully enough to consider this years attempt to go 100% nuclear still on.

I’m not crying, those are the tears of my would-be vanquishers who are realising they haven’t suffered as hard as me.


More than you! I’m on the GMTI plan this year and i’m going to have a LONG weekend…26.2 mile gravel ride followed by riding to a local race event on Sunday.


Follow up. I canned the Gravel ride. However, tomorrow is going to be a long day. I’m either marshalling or driving a lead car for the Tucson Bicycle Classic circuit race.