Adjusting 4DP numbers

Firstly…I did the 4DP on the 10th Dec and absolutely hated it so thanks for letting me suffer…it’s appreciated. I only joined Sufferfest a few days ago after a 14 day trial.

I have ok numbers but I am still a bit disappointed and I have recorded higher MAP and FTP numbers last month. The MAP was arbitrarily set as I did about the same numbers as my FTP and the program complained.
The numbers were as follows.
FTP: 285 (3.2w/kg) (89kg)
MAP: 321 (adjusted to 115% of FTP)
AC: 521
NM: 1242

I think 600 is within my grasp for the AC so not to bothered about that…I let myself slow down during the test and that is a mental thing for me.
NM was well paced and I started winding up the power before the interval so that I was just below peak power when it started. I touched 1308 according to Strava for the 1 second best.

For the FTP I have recorded 320watts for 20 mins in the middle of Zwift races and slightly higher (329watts) on longer rides outside when the weather was ok here. I think the 285 was an under performance and want to adjust it.
For the MAP I have recorded 357watts indoors recently with the right racing motivation on Zwift and again slightly higher (376watts) on a hill climb outdoors.

This is further reinforced by the fact that I did Revolver last night…I was sweating by the end and the intervals were ok but could have been more challenging. I wasn’t looking at quitting…I could probably have done the programme again. Top 1 minute power was 334 watts with the target set at 321 for the intervals.

I’m going to raise the FTP in the app up to 300 and the MAP to 350…does this seem sensible?

Just for info…I’m a 42yo male enthusiastic amateur who would like to try his first Crit next year when the lockdowns are gone.

Thanks for any info

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Hello and welcome! Just a couple of observations regarding your comments that might help moving forward. Remember that outdoor numbers will typically be higher than indoor numbers. You should feel as though you have some left in the tank after efforts. The below article can give you greater insight into the testing process and interpreting the results. Rather than adjusting the numbers I would recommend doing a Full Frontal/Half Monty Double Plan that will give you new testing numbers. The goal of training is to stress the body to gain adaptation. If you overstress the body you will be in a constant state of overreaching and will not gain enough recovery to go through adaptation.


@barrygray4 Adding my two cents from personal experience to @Coach.Simon.B note.

First, it takes time and practice to get the pacing right for FF. I just did my 19th FF, and it took several tries to get it right.

Second, even with practice, FF reflects only your form that day. Some days you may be off your game. I recently did FF, and ended up having to stop during the 20 min section as I struggled mentally; obviously the numbers were a bit disappointing. I did Half Monty 4 days later on better rest, sleep and fuel, and FTP and MAP improved. Those numbers were more accurate. On my last FF a few weeks after the HM test, I confirmed those numbers.


Thanks a lot for the reply. I will read the article with interest.
As you can tell I have not had any formal training, it is either full gas or nothing…not used to using easy rides to get faster.

Pacing was definitely a problem…If I had used ERG mode to set me at 350 for the MAP and 300 for the FTP sections I could probably have held them to get the numbers…Motivation is also a big problem…I give up easily when I get a bit of lactic acid…I need to figure out my limits and realise which pain is weakness leaving my body and which pain is actually harmful.
Despite the fact that I spindown my kickr core a couple of times per week, I think I will attach my Garmin head unit to dual record from my vector pedals and Kickr at the same time…Unless I can do that through the sufferfest app?

thanks again.

Also to mention that your 20 min FTP from Zwift won’t be the same as the 20 min FTP from Full Frontal. The 20 min test in FF is done after 2 all-out sprints and the 5 min MAP test, so you won’t be going into the 20 min fresh. According to Suf Science, this means that your 20 min test actually gives you your 1hr FTP (i.e. no need to take 95%).

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Here is my analysis from Strava for the 20 min section of 4DP. I have counted 21 places where I let my power drop down to sub 200watts…I’m not sure why I do this but it is an entirely conscious decision… I’m also not sure what benefit I get from 5 - 10 seconds at lower power…I doubt my legs have a chance to recover at all.
I did move to a bigger gear at a couple of points, hence the cadence drops.