cTHR/General Fitness Test Question

This article, uses the language “under normal temperatures.”

Maybe I am too precise-minded, but any idea what exactly that means?

i.e. is it a waste of time to do the Half Monty (although I did one a few hours ago) if it’s 29-30C in my room given how that sorta heat causes a higher heart rate since this test expressly uses heart rate in its calculations?

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A waste of time? No, since HM is primarily a power-based test protocol. But clearly high heat and/or humidity have a deleterious effect on performance - that’s a given. So would definitely impact a test that is trying to obtain a HR-based metric like cTHR.

Maybe change normal to optimal.

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I didn’t mean “waste of time” literally… but you know what I meant.

Even with two fans, no AC is especially killer this summer…




I once tried to make a belt out of wrist watches.

It was a waist of time.


Sometimes you’ve got to make do with what you have available. However, in your training notes make notice of the temperature to help remind you why the numbers are low. I assume you will be doing the rest of your summer training in the same conditions, so it will actually be beneficial to have relevant summer numbers. As the temps begin to cool in the fall, test again, and then you will have relevant fall numbers. Rinse and repeat for the subsequent seasons :wink:


Yes, that is the plan!


Some thoughts crossing my mind now (don’t feel obligated to answer necessarily) is how all these things factor in:

-Did a few virtual races on RGT last month where my average power was ~280 over an hour-long effort.

-Was sick ish last week and probably am still not 100% (although I essentially feel fine).

  • averaging ~280w for over an hour sounds great man! Excellent effort!!
  • Being sick certainly doesn’t help

If the numbers are more that 5% off from where you expect them to be, ie they are statically significant low, then perhaps you should test again after resting and getting in a test prep week to ensure you are sharp and ready to perform. If they are ballpark where you’d expect, then I would suggest carrying on with a training plan for 6 to 8 weeks before testing again.

Crush it brother!


That or I just don’t test well/find it easier to dig deeper with that social element at play.

Thanks mate. Safe and productive riding!

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