Half Monty cTHR fatigue warning

I completed the Half Monty today and the watts I believe were a very good representation of my current fitness. However my previous cTHR value was 177 and the one during this test was 169 and I received a warning message stating that I entered the test fatigued which could also be correct as I felt a bit tired before the test.

Does this low cTHR value also skew the test because I was not allowed to ride at a higher HR representative of my true cTHR during the steady part of the test? For refference previous FTP value was 223, during this test it was 214 but again this feels quite accurate.

Good question!
Completing HM in a fatigued state may or may not not affect your power results, but will definitely skew your CTHR results. If you have a high anaerobic capacity you can get away with some fatigue on the ramp portion and still attain your max MAP capacity, but being fatigued will prevent your HR from increasing as it should, resulting in a lower cTHR value. So it may very well have given you a good representation of your current power capabilities, but your HR zones will not be accurate.


Okay Thanks coach! I’ve scheduled two weeks a little less intense and will do another test afterwards!

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