Custom alert for changing chain on Wahoo Elemnt

Hi there.
I just changed chain and then I asked myself, is there a way to get notified when I ride other 5000km that maybe I have to change it again?
I don’t know if a custom alert works, because I am not sure it keeps memory or resets at each ride. And there’s no partial odometer, too. Any hint?


That’s an interesting idea. I know a bunch of people use Strava to track their kit so if they ride gravel, road, mtb or commute and use different bikes they can use it like an odometer. If you use the ELEMNT pages the same way, ie, use a gravel, road, mtb, commute page I don’t see why the dev’s couldn’t have a mileage tracker and once that was added, to add in an alert of some kind at custom time/mileage settings.

For me, with only 1 bike it’s not really an issue and checking the chain wear is pretty easy with a tool.

Edit: I see in the ELEMNT CA, there is a Stats page where Total Odometer is an option and it allows further analysis by ride type (in the case of the pic below, those types are: Indoor, Virtual, Biking, and Mountain Biking). I’m gonna fiddle about and see if these might be customized. In any case, you were asking for an alert which, at least atm, isn’t currently available.

Edit 2: @Marco_Martello maybe you could make a feature request out of this?

The total odometer is good but missing any partial count… yes I know, with one bike you can check by yourself, but you can also see how much distance you did with the same chain. Or with multiple bikes yes, it can help.

How to start the feature request?
Is it the same of a support request or that is another path?

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Yeh, so, it seems Wahoo only has feature requests under the SYSTM software category atm. I guess your post is the only option though, that said, it would be a good idea to send your feature request to them in the same way you’d seek support. Then the CS agents/minions can pass it on to the folks who might consider such things.

Chain replacement should be based on wear, not on km ridden. Buy a chain checker and check after every ride, it takes seconds to do the check.

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Yes, but the type of riding you do and the products you use can significantly affect chain wear. Combing both a mileage tracker and checking wear gives you an idea if your wear is extraordinarily high or not and can point to other issues on the bike.


Obviously I have a chain checker.
Point is I would like to see how many km I will do and have an alert, in my humble opinion it would be nice instead of doing the math.
I was asking if there was a way for having this data, not telling me it’s useless

I actually use for this, keeping track of tires, chains, power meter batteries, etc. I realize that is not an Elemnt solution but it does work really well.


Wow I didn’t see the components section on ICU!
Amazing, thanks for the hint!


I use ProBikeGarage on my phone. It collects data from Strava and you can set individual component alerts based on time or km.
I find it really useful for dealing with multiple bikes.
It’s free too. :grin:


@ChrisMTB That… is awesome.

Thank you for the tip about this! I’ve just set it up and it looks ideal for this tracking of maintenance items.