Elemnt Custom Alerts

Hi I am a big fan of custom alerts on my roam.
I do think though that they are not being synced from my Elemnt app (iPhone) correctly.
I initially set up 3 alerts - eat, drink and a distance one. I reconfigured the distance alert to a different distance and also renamed it. Synced to elemnt (routes did update). to find the same old distance alert, checked the app: alert was at the new config. deleted all alerts, recreated now 5 alerts (maybe a nice default feature request coming from systm: systems check), synced (routes did update). voila my old three alerts are still on the device. elemnt app tells me there’s 5 alerts configured but only 3 show up during rides - what gives?
I am thinking of a factory reset but first wanted to know how your experiences are.
cheers christian

ok so here for the records my experience: I did a reset of the roam - now all my custom alerts work as expected :tada: before doing the reset I became aware that on my iOS app the backup feature does not work - no backups seem to have been created ever. So I did screenshots of the field listings of the element pages and reconstructed everything afterwards

@christian.unger I would suggest sending those screen shots to support so that they are aware of the issue and can investigate whether there is a bug.

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