Custom Training Program

Question for you all: Are the custom training programs intended to be used only for cycling/triathlon efforts? Is it possible to engage a Coach to help me create a protocol that will allow me to use cycling as the main source of conditioning that would underlie a multi-day backpacking effort August 2021 (altitudes to 12k’).

Because of several injuries to my lower back and right lower leg I am unable to run; walking/hiking with trekking poles works wonderfully, but I fear inadequate for conditioning. I have just acquired a Wahoo Smart Bike for that purpose, and I have a multi year history, continuing through today, of high intensity strength training (presently using XForce, negatively accentuated work). I should mention I’m 82 yoa.

Any help any of you all might provide, I’d be most grateful for. Safe, peaceful wishes for a Happy Holy Day Season. Anthony

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