Cycling zones what are they and when to use them

Guys can anyone help me i have searched everywhere about zones and i only got to know only 20 to 50% of it so can anyone please tell me about all zones and which training zone to ride when because whenever i go outside to ride my heart rate just shoots up and all the time i only do hard rides where all the time i am using my all power to pedal and focus on speed. basically training on speed all the time., but i never got to know about the zones which are there in cycling and which zone to use when and what zone will help you to get faster and better so please anyone who knows it reply :pray:

I would suggest at this stage to stop fussing too much about zones. Choose a training program, follow it as much as possible, enjoying the rides. You will get faster.

For zones: go easy on the easy and long days, go hard on the hard days. Simple as that.

In the mean time there are many YouTube vids and podcasts about training zones you can spend time on.

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@Nick7 This might be of interest.

There are several other articles on the blog that provide a good overview of approaching training. Further if you are using SYSTM there are instructions in the workouts as @Jud has noted.