Data not the same between Garmin and training peaks

Just completed 9 hammers, well almost…

My Garmin data says my max heart rate was 156 with an average of 131.

Garmin syncs to training peaks, and it says my max was 136 with an average of 115. The tss and if are all way off, almost half what Garmin says.

All my data goes to Garmin and Garmin syncs to anywhere else I decide to send it.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Any ideas how to correct it? I’ve never had a problem before and nothing has changed.

(And to be honest, I want proper credit for 9 hammers suffering!!!)


Do you have the Garmin set to “Smart Recording” or “Auto Pause”? Im told this can cause havoc with Training Peaks.

I’m assuming that your FTP setting is the same across platforms.

I had a similar issue lately where not only sync’d data but individual uploads of the data that Training Peaks, as well as would report a higher TSS value than my Edge 530. In cases the TSS was ~250 for a 90 minute tempo ride. Certainly not what dozens of similar rides had oroduced in the past.

If I loaded the data into Golden Cheetah the data Garmin reported was the same as Golden Cheetah.

If you have Golden Cheetah on a PC try loading the data there.

In my case I had replaced the Garmin Edge and the problem went away; much like a Bigfoot in the woods of Quebec when you put up a trail cam. I cannot explain it.

Do you have a “spare” Garmin or one you can borrow from a friend and ride 9 Hamners again (Bonus session!!!) to try?

that could be it. I had the auto pause turned on for the half monty (I usually never stop). I forgot to switch it back.

I stopped for about 10 seconds, just after the 7th hammer, and then two more 10 second stops on the 9th hammer. My legs were shaking when I got off the bike - hence I want credit for it :slight_smile:
I’ll turn it back off and see if it happens again.


So you will be doing 9 Hammers tomorrow and reporting back. Simply lovely! :grin:


FYI - there is a way to get trainingpeaks to reprocess a file - I did that, and it worked fine.

As for 9 hammers tomorrow, maybe… depending on my legs.

Probably not, I’m old, and rest/recovery is important for progress.


Glad you got the data sorted.
I’m old as well so i know the recovery drill. I made a failed attempt at humour.

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I found it funny. My joints did not :grin: