December 2022 Challenge

And riding with JDRF for the last few years during El Tour de Tucson, puts this way more in perspective when you see ‘ordinary’ folks riding 102 miles at a pace even I can’t keep up with. That’s up close and personal. And I did my Knighthood for them.


I rode Wahoo Frontiers 2020 this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the thumbnails for the 4 videos for December have a note showing they are included in the December challenge. That made it much easier to find them.



Back training after illness and was looking for some inspiration to get me going: this challenge sounded just the ticket!
Did my first one last night ( the hour record attempt by Rohan Dennis) and it felt great: nice feeling the burn in the legs and being reminded that if we believe we can achieve ( wasn’t that a Witney Houston’s song or something….). Looking forward to completing the challenge especially as I won’t be heading outdoors any time soon while the Uk is in the midst of an ‘arctic blast’!


Ride for your l1fe was a great workout and inspiring and emotional vid.
Looking forward to completing all 4 for December and liking this challenge concept as an intro/prompt for different content.


I’m just finishing AWW UCI this week and although I’ve done all of the December Challenges I’m between training programs so I’ll throw in these 4 as I build the next plan for the New Year.

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Finished today! Pleased to have done both this and AWWUCI in the first half of the month.

Both Fursa and Ride for your L1fe were the standout videos with Making an Hour Record coming in third. Fursa is very short so I stacked it with the tour of the UCI centre.

Thanks for setting up the challenge - I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one in January.


Nice job to everyone who has completed the December challenge and sounds like there is a lot of work being done for the week with UCI also!

We still have time to complete both these challenges so if you are still thinking/wondering if you can do it, get pedalling :bike:


Did Velodrom today. Wow is all I can say. Nice work on the ride and with the coach/riders (all sexes).


Is the Week with UCI a challenge event as well? I didn’t realise it was … I’d better do that Velodrome one too then !!

I believe there’s some goodies to be won if you complete AWWUCI before the 23rd:


@TrapMeSuf thanks for that - for whatever reason that must have gone in one eye and out the other at some point

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How do I ‘add’ this challenge to my WAHOO SYSTM schedule?

There’s no plan that you can use. You can either add the workouts individually to your schedule, or just do them whenever you’re ready to.


Rode Making an Hour Record and Fursa this morning. Got my badge. Making an Hour Record always seems harder than I expect it to be. Especially on new numbers from Wed. lol. Glad I had Fursa to do as a cool-down! :hot_face:

And I really wish there was a pop-up or something that alerted the user that the badge was awarded. I almost forgot. Had to go into the Progress menu to confirm.


Finished off today with the Hour Record – question - I would love to hear about the KT Tape job. I would expect potentially diaphram support but the chest and back kind of opposed to each other was that help for position or something else? Great set of rides and films. You still need to work a bit on audio levels though, not just the “inaudible” but my PC cranked on high, fan blowing, kickr whirring, and soft spoken guys like Ian are hard to pick up…I am also suffering from hearing loss but… crank those levels :slight_smile:


there’s no real evidence that it works and the studies that claim it does are usually of low quality. however, K-Tape can be a good placebo, especially in elite sport. a mental factor that can help to build trust and confidence in physical abilities and performance


Loved this week training of different disciplines and showing us the young talent coming through. This gives other young talent who complete this the added motivation to train and be better athletes. Great Stuff! Is the drawing automatic if you finish the week in the system app?


Hey @lennoxfitness, welcome to the forums!

So you’re talking about the A Week with the UCI World Cycling Centre here, and not the December Monthly challenge (where you ride and see 4 different Inspiration vids) but yes, if you have the badge in your Progress<Awards then Wahoo will know you’ve completed the challenge and you’ll be automatically entered in the draw. BUT, I’m gonna win so…


I love collecting badges!



Edit: Do you have a fave, Sir @Ajay ?