Wahoo X January Challenge - Go All In

Go All In with your 2024 training!

Embrace the new year by setting new goals. Maybe you want to go faster and ride further, or climb stronger and recover better. The January Wahoo X Challenge is the perfect launchpad for your best year yet with four Wahoo SYSTM workouts tailored to improving different rider strengths.

You have all month to complete these 4 workouts:

  1. GO FASTER - Boswell: Race Winning Efforts
  2. RIDE FURTHER - Provence: Gorges de la Nesque
  3. CLIMB STRONGER - Power Station
  4. RECOVER BETTER - Recovery Booster

You can also load the training plan:

For More Information about the challenge

  1. Visit our webpage
  2. Challenge FAQ Page

Please note, to earn your badge you must complete the indoor SYSTM version.


Thanks for the new monthly list @Rupert.H
Looking fwd to them already :+1:


Nothing like a bit of Ian Boswell to start the year!


oooh, come on. nothing against yoga but not as part of a cycling challenge


Not a cycling challenge - a Wahoo X challenge


Monthly challenges are not meant to be cycling only, they are designed to give everyone motivation both on and off the bike :slightly_smiling_face:


Plain and simple, I just wrote off this month’s challenge for that reason. Wahoo X or no, it’s very clear that the vast majority on THIS forum are here because of cycling.
A specific challenge for other areas might encourage some to try them (or not), but if Wahoo wants to try to force the interest that is clearly not there for many, it seems like a way to kill the whole Challenge continuity. There were already some similar feelings expressed with a previous one.
Hasn’t there already been enough killing of momentum??
Is this how good coaching is done? I think not.

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I find this conversation disappointing and even a bit disturbing. I don’t thing a single one of these monthly challenges has ever been promoted as a “cycling challenge.” They’ve always been the monthly Wahoo X challenge (and if I recall correctly have included yoga before). I’m not on board with all the changes that have gone on here in Sufferlandria either, and I’m concerned about the future of SYSTM, but sometimes I think a few of us just look for little slights so we can whine loudly. To take one 15-minute yoga workout suggestion as a big offense seems silly. My apologies if I’ve misinterpreted the intent of some of these comments.


I’m sorry if you think I may have “looked for little slights” but that’s not the case.
I “whined” because it matters to me. I have finally gotten motivated to try to include the Monthly Challenges in my indoor rides choices (which are limited, because I try to do all rides outside as much as possible.)
A challenge with a yoga workout (or any other non-cycling workout, frankly) presents NO “motivation on or off the bike” to me. Nor did the minimal Strength workout on the October Challenge, but I finally did it just to satisfy a Challenge requirement, and very frankly found it was a waste of my time. I know I wasn’t alone in that assessment, as I fellow rider in my area told me it was a waste for her too. (That’s just a tiny sample size, I admit!)

I certainly understand that these Challenges are not specified as Cycling Challenges, and it’s the prerogative of Wahoo to mix them up if they wish.
I’m just saying that the Challenges will not motivate me at all to complete them anymore if they aren’t Cycling workouts. I’m obviously not alone in that response though I may be in the minority, which is fine with me.

And even though this may be a negative slant on the January Challenge, it is quite possible that it could result in a positive outcome if it leads to better Challenges participation because Wahoo knows what actually DOES motivate more people to participate.
Isn’t that the BEST impact overall??

Well Power Station was a bit harder than I remember from last time I did it back in Jan 2021. I’d forgotten that it was low cadence which I always find tough.

Did a quick open session to spin my legs out afterwards but possibly a bit of yoga would have done the trick just as well instead :wink:


How about a monthly yoga challenge where they stick a cycling workout in it?

It’s nice that Wahoo offers some diversity in workouts with optional strength and yoga, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s first, foremost, and primarily a cycling platform. IMO, challenges should be purely cycling; no yoga, strength, ballroom dancing…


@DouthatBiker Throwing in the towel on the second day of 2024 over 15 minutes of yoga? C’mon dude.

@DouthatBiker I think it would be more accurate to say that the vast majority are here to maintain and improve their cycling. Personally I have found yoga + mobility several times a week makes me a much better rider - better core strength, better range of motion, less prone to injury.

Seems like the challenges are a way for users to experience the variety of content provided by the platform but they are just a badge in the app that no one but you sees so skip them if they don’t interest you.


It’s been awhile (2021?) but I did “enjoy” the purely yoga challenges. 30 days of something something. Maybe something along those lines with the mobility series, Sir @Rupert.H? (also, I moved the topic to the Challenges and Achievements category with all the other monthly challenges :slight_smile: )

As for the monthly challenges being purely cycling or not, I prefer cycling but frankly haven’t been particularly motivated myself to get the badges, despite my best intentions. I think I gotta set myself one of those S.M.A.R.T. goals :thinking:


I’m here because the focus is on Wahoo and specifically Wahoo X which includes, but isn’t limited to, Indoor cycling, strength, mobility, mental toughness, and yoga. All are needed to be a well-trained bicyclist. Even Ian Boswell embraces them. So does Phil Gaimon. Challenges should include all aspects of them. I would openly embrace a five point challenge which includes all. Limiting the challenge to just indoor cycling ignores those other aspects.


Thanks, the challenge goes in announcement for the month it is active and then I move it over to challenges. :+1:


Hmm, okay, you’re the boss, but if you move it after the challenge is over it’s not a challenge anymore though I suppose it could be a challenge to complete all the former challenges.

And here I thought the focus was on those that Wahoo SERVES and MARKETS to…
My bad…
As to the “All are needed”… Nope. Yoga is just ONE method of achieving what it does. And many life-long cyclists, including me, will never actively use yoga and will be none the worse for it. I’m not ANTI-yoga, I just have no desire or motivation toward it. If you do, that’s your business.

Mental toughness I don’t need Wahoo for. I’ve developed that since I was a child, and I don’t need to spend my time learning someone else’s methods for it (especially when many of the things taught in that are things I learned many decades ago.)
I have the source of endurance and He’s carried me through far tougher life challenges than anything SYSTM X is ever going to address. That’s not a slam on the Mental Toughness aspect of the app, it’s just a fact that guides me in what I spend time on with the app.

I realize that some feel the need to defend the Challenge choice this month for whatever reason they may have.
I simply stated that it diminishes the usefulness of the challenge TO ME, and that’s based of prior experience of the only other challenge that I did that included one of those other aspects and it wasted my time.
I’ve NEVER felt my time was wasted with ANY cycling workout on SYSTM X, and the challenges have given me a small reason to try other specific workouts I probably wouldn’t have done yet. That is a plus for me, and a plus for SYSTM X if it retains me as a paying customer.

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Folks - there is little value in us all attempting to change each others opinions.
Opinions are just that and we’re all entitled to our own.

Any chance we can leave the current debate behind and just focus on the OP post …. if you’re happy with that there’s also no need to reply to me either :+1:


While again, I’m not fussed that challenges include non-cycling content but, Sir @Rupert.H, fwiw, the image you linked above does say “Indoor Cycling” challenge, as does the tab on my computer when I go to the challenge link so…

Edit: sorry Sir @Martin, just saw your post :man_shrugging:


But also states “moving, both on and off the bike”


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