Wahoo X December Challenge - Holiday Hustle

Holiday Hustle

We get how busy the holidays can be, so we’ve handpicked some of our favorite short workouts in Wahoo SYSTM for the December Monthly Challenge.

Whether you’re feeling a chill session with Recharger or ready to dive into a 30-minute sustained effort with our newest workout, High Time, Wahoo SYSTM will help you show up for yourself through the end of 2023.

You have all month to complete these 4 workouts:

1. High Time (NEW WORKOUT!)
2. The Amazing Chase
3. UAE Tour 2
4. Recharger

You can also load the training plan:

For More Information about the challenge

  1. Visit our webpage
  2. Challenge FAQ Page

Please note, to earn your badge you must complete the indoor SYSTM version.


I always enjoy these challenges! Can’t wait!

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Are these announcements or challenges?

Edit: 1 vote challenge :raised_hand:t2:


Looking forward to this one. Skipped last month due to health issues and El Tour de Tucson prep and recovery.


Ooooo… 2 of these will be good for next week when I really won’t feel like hurting myself. The other two… not so much.

So you’re saying I need/get to ride High Time again??

I seriously don’t know which emoji to use for this one. My mind and body are so confused. Must be one of GvA’s Sufferlandrian mind tricks.


What’s the best way to tackle challenges when following a plan? Drop the targets down to ~80% and use it as a z2 volume ride?

@northy185 Generally I try to substitute a challenge workout for a different one but your suggestion of dialing down to a z2 ride could work as well. Two of this months videos are pretty easy to deal with. The other two might depend on staying out of taper or reload weeks and also vacation schedules.


Having finished the 2019 ToS on Sunday, I knocked out these four ride the past 4 days. I did change the order a bit but it’s done. Now I’ll try to get a proper recovery week before starting the Rapha 500 on Xmas Eve. Anyone else doing Rapha?


I’ve wanted to, but the holidays are my rest and family time, so it’s a non-starter. Almost any other time of the year I would be totally up for the challenge.


Finished the challenge today with High Time. Is this Pogi?



I’m pretty sure it is.


With the good weather I’ve had lately I nearly forgot about it, but luckily they aren’t too long.


Another challenge in the books!

Completed them back to back with a very minimal break in between as the continuing prep for storming the castle next year.

If High Time is the last video that Francois leaves us with then, Wow! What a fine note to sign off with. Also Recharger brought a wee tear to the eye.



Congrats to everyone who completed the December challenge and finished 2023 on a High!

Who is ready to go ALL IN for 2024?