Threshold Block?

I started riding more about 18 months ago. Started structured training when I got my Kickr in January. Full Frontal and Half Monty have always indicated sustained efforts are my weakness. Initially an Attacker, now a Sprinter. I have seen consistent slow steady gains all year. My last Full Frontal indicated a lower FTP than the Half Monty from a couple months before, but I think Half Monty over estimates my FTP and my training was less structured and more of an effort to maintain fitness going into the last Full Frontal. Overall, I felt like I was still getting stronger during this period too.

I’ve played around with the Building Block plans in the past. I’ve done both MAP and FTP (and another I think). I liked both. At this point, I’d like to really focus on increasing my ability to sustain an effort. To me, it looks like the Threshold block might be best for this purpose since it offers some longer workouts. Or Maybe even the Tempo block.

I was thinking of using the blocks to target weaknesses until the New Year, when I’d like to focus on a longer preseason MTB plan.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @neverdnf you could have a look at the new Pro Rides which are an hour or more, they’re not so much Map or FTP efforts more like AC but you could maybe see how you do and how you find them. I think one of the Hammer Series is about an hour the rest are longer just prepare for some suffering. I’m starting a 4 week MAP block see if I can improve that and my FTP at the same time. Good luck whatever you try.

I’ve done the old Norway and the new UAE Tour 1 pro ride. I do like them. Norway is still probably one of my favorites. I’ll definitely be trying the others when I have some time for some longer rides. I’d like to find a way to incorporate those into some more structured training blocks as well.

@neverdnf The offseason MTB program worked well for me and I would recommend it to improve your numbers. Prior to the plan maybe think instead about shifting to some lifting and/or the strength videos to build up both the major and stabilizing muscles and the core which are critical for mountain biking. That is the road that I am taking soon - downplaying the bike for a bit and focusing more on strength. I will continue with strength when I start my plan again.

I also thought the MAP block was really helpful. I haven’t done the FTP or Threshold blocks.

I was doing a good amount of strength training as I rolled into 2021. No doubt that I need to incorporate some at this point, but I’m still looking to work and focus on sustained cardio efforts at this point, which seems to be what is holding me back.

Hey neverdnf,

A few sessions that would be really good for the sustained efforts are Defender, Extra Shot, Long Scream, Attacker and There is no Try. If you select a plan that focusses on improving threshold, that should give you plenty of sessions that will work your ability to sustain longer efforts. Alternatively you can get a customised plan if you want it to be more individualised.



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