Delete the plan & make new one with Saturday off?

I end with 2 plans on my calendar so as newby ,how can I delete the plan & make a new one with my sabbath (Saturday) off…
thank you in advance for your help

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Many of the plans set Monday as a rest day, and assume you’ll start on a Monday. I take Sunday off, so I start my plans on Sunday, and then move or delete any workouts that appear on Sunday.

From that I’d assume starting on Saturday would work for you, or get you close to your desired schedule.

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@Yitzhak1411 Go to “list view” in the calendar tab and select “view summary” at the top of the page. From there click on the plan and you will be given the option to delete. Below is what it looks like on iOS.

As @Sir_Brian_M notes - use Saturday as your start day. Generally that is the rest day and even if workouts appear you can delete them or reschedule them.

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How to remove a plan from your calendar