Training Calendar Adjustments

I asked this on a different thread but maybe wasn’t clear in my question. I want to use the training plan created by the minions but also want to add my run workouts (I’m training for a marathon) and delete some of the minion workouts to alter the plan to accommodate my long run days for marathon training. The only way I’ve found to adjust the training plan is to change the dates for the workouts the minions post. Help!

At the moment you can’t delete workout from a plan, just change the date to sometime way in the future, by which point there will be a way to delete them! Hopefully!

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Hi @Nivada - thanks for the great suggestions for training calendar features. The options you suggested are not yet available in our calendar- when we launched our calendar in late 2019, we launched a very basic version and we are currently working to develop the calendar and add features, such as the ones you suggested.

At this juncture, you are not able to add external workouts to your calendar, nor are you able to delete individual workouts from a plan. Both of these functions are on our wish list for future development- and I’ll add a check mark on your behalf adding to the tally for each of these feature requests.

Thanks for your patience with us as we improve our calendar- we have some great features coming!


I’d definitely find this a bonus if we could add our external training to calender :+1:


Any ETA for release of such a feature?

Have a read here. Stuff is coming, it’s gonna be awesome. We suffer in the mean time and in the end, this is why we’re here aren’t we :slight_smile:

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“stuff is coming” doesn’t really answer this exact question unfortunately, and neither does that post which I’ve commented on in the past.

I see no reason why being able to add workouts from the library onto the calendar that’s already present in the app needs to be such a secretive feature. It already exists in the backend with plans. Why not let users do it directly if that’s what they’re into?

Basically, they have a very large update coming that will affect and change a lot of things. So, they don’t want to spend a lot time on incremental updates in the meantime when those updates will be included in the large coming update. That would delay the update by creating a duplication of effort. So, it’s annoying in the short term, but will allow the large update to happen sooner rather than later.