Kickr bike

hi ya’ll super frustrated with my 2 day old KICKR BIKE …I realize this is a Systm arena but I thought someone might have a clue, customer service is on holiday break…
second ride right shifter stopped working, left works…all plugged in, all updated, did the basics I found online…still no shifting …any help would be appreciated

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Sorry man. I guess even the minions need 1 day off a year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I suppose you’ve tried this trouble shooting tool

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Unfortunately shifter problems are too common. I own one of the first production bikes and it has functioned perfectly until just recently. So a couple of years of heavy use. My left shifter went out, then right. After shutting down power overnight they both began working for a time then the left one went out again but came back to life. They both have been working now for about a week without failure.

Given the intermittent failure I contacted support and they are sending me a refurbished replacement bike requesting a $1000 deposit until they receive my broken bike. In total it has taken about 2 days to settle the logistics with wahoo. Support has been very responsive. It has been a week now and I already have the boxes for the return and the replacement bike is on the way and expected next week. They provide all shipping labels. They also sent me a set of bars with controls but that is not the problem.

Broken Kickr BIke

Tried it…we’ll go at it when they return!! Happy new year to ya

Have you experimented with different gear combo’s? I had inconclusive results changing gearing when left shifter was out. I made a change from SRAM AXS to Shimano DI2. The left shifter started working afterword but then the right side went out. I was unable to induce repeat failures through differing configurations and therefore no confidence in root cause.

Yeah, it’s a bummer…I want to love it but not impressed so far, thanks