Different old sufferfest and wahoo accounts

I really like the new ability to change dates of workouts in the calendar since plans have to be modified given my work and travel schedule. Two questions:

  1. I have a sufferfest account with a different email and password than my wahoo account (which I use for all my wahoo hardware (kicks core, fan, climb, and ELEMNT bolt). Is there a way to merge both accounts?
  2. Will there be an ability to add or build my own workouts? Or import them from .mrc files/

I checked this with the Minions and they told me this is not possible at the moment. @ellisa.podemski

Find below the feedback I got:

I’ve just reviewed all of your accounts - and unfortunately, they have already gone through the “merge” process - so the Wahoo account is “merged” with an inactive SUF account - and the SUF account is “merged” with an inactive Wahoo account.

We are hoping to eventually have a method to link an active Wahoo and SUF account with different email addresses, but we do not have this available at the moment.

If you want to change your email address on one of these accounts - please follow these instructions:

"Go to wahoofitness.com
On the top right menu bar, click on “sign in”
Enter your email and password - this should be the same email and password you use for both Wahoo and The Sufferfest
On the top right menu, click on “my account” and choose “my account” from the drop down menu
On the next screen, you should see “My Dashboard” - click on “edit” under your account information
On the next screen, you should see the option “Edit Account Information”. You can edit your email or name here and it will be saved for both Wahoo Fitness and The Sufferfest accounts.

Please note, you will only be able to do this for ONE set of your accounts. Again, we hope to have a solution down the road to merge or transfer data from the other account - but we don’t have that available at this time.

It’s a problem that is experienced by other users too. It’ll be more widespread I guess since the userbase has broadened.


@ellisa.podemski would you have an update on the above?

Hi @SantiagoB - thanks for checking on the account merge functionality. While the merging of two separate Wahoo/SYSTM accounts with different emails is still on our roadmap for future development, we don’t have this available at this time. Thanks!

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