Workout Export to Wahoo Fitness

Maybe I am overlooking something, but is there a way to „export“ a workout to the Wahoo Fitness platform. I do not see the workouts in Wahoo Fitness and there is also no option under Authorized Apps to add it.

Any help is welcome.

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Currently there is no way to do this but it is in the works.
There are quite some things mentioned in the forum what is on the roadmap although sadly not really organized.
The best overview (although not complete) is at DC Rainmaker below “Coming Soonish:”

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First of all thanks for confirming that it doesn‘t work, whereby I am still a little frustrated that its not possible in the own ecosystem and as mentioned for a quick shot it would be good just adding Wahoo Fitness as „Connected App“.

I was aware of DC Rainmakers article but even there I do not read this dedicated feature. However, hoping that it will be on the roadmap with priority.

And finally I agree - there is no transparent roadmap information available which - at least from my perspective - is very pity.


Add to this that there may be no plan to export the videoed workouts as it isn’t a good idea to try to do them without. Also, if you plan on doing them out-of-doors there are too many variables to complete them without issues. I expect the No Vid and some other workouts to be exportable though.

Thanks. Fully understand your statement and agree. My initial request is more on History of activities. I want to have all my activities I have performed (outdoors with my Bolt and indoors in Systm) in one overview and as one summary etc…

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It might be possible to export a suitable alternative workout to the proposed Suf vid though…?

I raised this a few days ago with the team, advised it is in development

After some experimentation, I solved this problem by using Strava as my “aggregator”. I’ve seen others say (don’t recall where) that they do that too and that it even works with a free Strava account—although I have a paid one and can’t confirm. TrainingPeaks is also a good aggregator and definitely works with a free account.

The only downside is history. When you set up the authorized app link in SYSTM and Wahoo ELEMNT (or whatever computer you use outdoors), all activities will be automatically uploaded from then forward. To upload prior workouts, you have to open each one individually, click the share/upload button (the square with the arrow pointing up on an iPhone), and select your new aggregator app to upload. I’m not aware of a way to do that in bulk.

@AkaPete Correct - there isn’t a way to do it in bulk. I just did a few at a time and eventually was able to move everything.

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