Does Full Frontal use Half Monty Results?

I’m pretty new to Sufferfest. I started last fall. I started with Half Monty, then did Full Frontal followed by the ramp up plan and then the ToS. I am now following the post tour plan which ends with Full Frontal next weekend. If I do Half Monty before Full Frontal will the targets in Full Frontal be adjusted? My concern is correct pacing during the 20min FTP portion.

They will be but bear in mind that they are more guides in Full Frontal. You should be trying to push yourself to your max in every segment.

Some people have found that HM overestimated their FTP and others have found that HM underestimated their FTP. If you focus on those values in FF you may overcook or undercook yourself, potentially leading to disappointment at the finish.

It’s absolutely true that pacing FF correctly takes time and practise. Hopefully you’ll have a good idea about what you can do from the usual workouts.

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Yes, it does.

But, as long as you go all out for the 20 minutes and don’t stop, everything will be good. You don’t have to do a perfectly steady effort. My approach is to start a little conservative, then ramp it up a little at a time as I can.

HM is a hard workout. I don’t think doing ff and hm in the same week is in line with intentions of the post tour plan.

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Thanks for the replies. I doubt I’ll do Half Monty since it doesn’t have to be perfect steady effect. I’m trying to take the recovery seriously which is something I have had trouble with in the past. Looking forward to the results from FF next weekend.