Download video by default

Within your support page “Streaming And Downloaded Video Issues” you recommend ALWAYS downloading a video, rather than streaming it. Without being aware of this recommendation I’ve always done this - seems to just make sense.

It would be helpful to have a setting that automated this step - ie. on starting a workout, either from the library or calendar, so if the workout is not already downloaded for this to happen first prior to starting.

Whereas currently it’s a multi-step process whereby the user has to see what the workout is, go to the library, find the workout, check whether it is downloaded and download if necessary, then back to the calendar to start the workout.

Just a thought… :slight_smile:


You only actually cut out one button click as you can click the download icon when it pops up after clicking the workout from your calendar.


Is this new - either new in SYSTM or new-ish in the old SUF app? Certainly wasn’t the case before (haven’t logged on for quite a few months though).

Either way, thanks for the heads-up :+1:

If I’m honest as a beta tester it’s been so long since I used the Suf app I can’t truly say :-/

In the ‘old’ app you could download from the list of workouts and in the latest from clicking in the workout and it’s next to the ‘Start Workout’