Newbie question about downloading videos

I see that it is recommended to download videos.

I can see how to find a workout and download the video. But what about a training plan?

Is there a way to download all the videos required - or better still the coming week’s workouts?

Or do I have to do it for each individual workout? If so, do I have to search for each workout… Surely not - that would be completely unworkable!

Thanks for any advice

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A training plan, once selected, is downloaded into your calendar. On My IOS phone, I click on plans and the daily workout is presented. You can download workouts ahead , I tend to do 1-2 weeks at a time, limited mainly by the memory in my phone

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And a warm welcome also, Michael

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Many thanks for your reply. Sadly I am still a bit lost!

I can find the plan page on IOS (iPad) and see my training plan. If I click on a workout I can start it. There is an elipsis (’…’) which gives options to move date or delete. But nothing that I can find to download that workout.

What am I missing!

Hi @Michael, great question! Once you download a workout in your video list, the app will use that download when you click “play” from the calendar. It is important to launch the video from the calendar; some of your workouts will have the intensity adjusted and you want to be sure you’re following all the workouts as intended by the coaches.


Again many thanks - but still lost!

I started with a training plan, not with individual workouts. The training plan has identified the workouts I should do.

If I go to the workout page, how do I know which workouts I should download for that training plan?

@Michael, to download a vid you need to do it from the video list tab in iOS. The calendar is a relatively new feature in SUF so at present you’re right, there is no option to download the vid from the calendar page and the ellipsis just offers to mark as done or move the date. That’s a great suggestion though to offer the download option there too. Perhaps Dame @rebecca.bell can let our director sportif Grunter von Agony know about this suggestion if he doesn’t already know. In any case welcome to Sufferlandria, you can never leave :slight_smile:


@Michael, I believe in the calendar if you tap the day of the week that is coming, at the bottom of the screen it shows the workouts for that day. Then you’ll know which vids to download. Hope this helps.

Yes thanks - I had figured that out. But then I have to find each video in turn to download. I’m going to try just streaming videos - although I did have a couple of problems during the trial. Fingers crossed!

Maybe simpler and quicker to implement, just add a search option on the video page for videos linked to a training plan?

Hi @Michael, you’re exactly right. You still need to go find each workout in the video list to download them. You can use the search bar at the top of the list to search by name and make that go faster. I will certainly add in a feature request to download directly from the calendar, hopefully, that is something we can do in future developments.

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@Michael Once you get more familiar with the app and SUF these will be pretty easy to find. There is a search function on the video list page but you do have to first know what vid you are looking for. That’s a good suggestion too, to have a search-by-plan option but with the large number of plans (soon to be much larger) and with customized plans already available that might be a bigger task than it seems for the poor engineers down in the SUF mines.

FWIW, I usually can only download a couple of vids at a time anyway and often delete them when I’m done (mostly storage Issue). Good luck with streaming, I’ve never had much success with that personally.

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In addition to the replies already …
When downloads first became an option … I went a bit crazy and just downloaded all the video ones … just because the device in question had the space.
So if that’s an option for you … that means every day you can just click and go.
I don’t actually have that anymore on one of my devices so for that one (in my case I’m often looking at what’s coming up a week ahead of time) I just pop in to the calendar and see what’s coming up. It takes me a minute if two to just pop in to the videos tab and click the download button for those that are coming up - they all download in parallel.

I don’t even bother with search as they’re all alphabetical and often I’m downloading a few at once.

Then I find the most common ones I sometimes leave downloaded

Works really well

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I go to my calendar and make a list of my next 2 weeks training. I then go to workouts in the app.

If I have already downloaded a workout that is not in my 2 week list, then I delete the vid. When I come to a workout that is in the list, but not downloaded, then I download it .

I only just noticed last week that I could download the videos, so I’ve only done that twice but haven’t seen any differences. What are the advantages? I’ve never noticed any issues with the videos.

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It removes any streaming issues, so if your own broadband has any issues during the session, or even the SUF servers have any issues during it.

Just removes that potential for an issue basically.
I don’t have an issue streaming either, but prefer to take the need away (and if I then want to also use Spotify / or another host of other things I am not competing for bandwidth)

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@rebecca.bell, This is a feature I’d really like to see. I’m a new user with a house full of teenagers and a low bandwidth connection…

Being able to download all of tomorrow’s sessions directly from the calendar would be really useful. I’m doing All In, so there are nearly always 3 sessions a day.

Linked to this, I know there’s a “Downloads” filter on the workouts but more information would be useful to help manage device space - without digging into AppData in windows explorer I have no real idea how much space is being used.

Also, it seems really strange to me, as a low bandwidth countryside dweller, that there’s no video quality option for streaming or downloading. I’d happily trade video qualty for useability - holding planks whilst video is buffering may add a bit of random extra suffering, but it’s not great!

I also find it very strange that can’t resize the windowed version of the app… it sits behind the windows task bar so I have to always run fullscreen if I want to see the progress bar (especially on yoga vids), or not be able to see the progress bar if I want to keep an eye on battery level. Actually that should probably go in a different thread.

@timb34 At the bottom of the Settings page in the app are the totals for the space used by downloaded videos and the available space on the device