Transferring videos from suf to systm?

Hi all, is there any way to transfer the videos I’ve downloaded on the old Sufferfest app to the Systm app or do I need to download them again?

Also, is it possible to use Systm workouts that you haven’t downloaded in ‘no vid’ mode without an internet connection? (You can do this on the old suf app, but I’ve not been able to find a way to do this on Systm.

(Using a 2020 macbook air)

Thanks in advance, happy suffering

The SYSTM videos are different (new intros, outros) so you’ll have to download again.

I believe, can’t say for sure, that you have to download the “no vid” workout as well in order to do it offline (SUF app downloaded just the video, SYSTM also downloads the targets etc)

Edit: just found this

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Thanks, much appreciated.