Save workouts to local HDD

Does the new app support downloading the videos to my local HDD? I need this feature as I am often internet-less. I cannot upgrade to the new app until this issue fixed.

You can download to whatever device you’re running SYSTM on. The Download button is right next to the Start Workout button. As far as I know, you have to download one workout at a time, but you can download as many as you need to carry you through to the next time you have internet.

Do you know if the trick that worked on Sufferfest to put them on something other than the root drive still works?

I don’t know.

I think you can download the new app and experiment. I don’t think that will do anything to the old one. It’s not really an upgrade — more an entirely new app. Just don’t keep both open at the same time; they sometimes compete for connections.

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The trick depends on the Operating System. I know that MACOSX/11 will NOT allow you to link to a different device, or at least I wasn’t able to get it to work as a System Administrator.

I’m on Win 10 and it works well. My root drive is almost full on my laptop and desktop. I just don’t remember how I did it. I’ll have to find the thread again.
BTW, is this the place that the Sufferfest folks mean when they say ask the minions?

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That’s a good question! I’ve only been on the forum for about 1 1/2 months, but I think “minions” refers to Wahoo customer support. Perhaps someone who knows better can confirm or refute.

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Yes. The minions refers to the app support. Some are in this forum, but the way to get direct app support from the minions and open a ticket is to either email them or submit a ticket thru the app’s help center.

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Here is the thread for how to save the videos to an other drive in windows, I have to do this as my main drive is too small to hold all the downloads.

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Thank you Vecorvector. Are you using the new System app?

Yes I am, and it seems to work fine off my secondary drive.

:ok_hand: Thanks