Download size for entire Wahoo SYSTM video library

How many GB of storage needed for all the videos and apps ?


Curious minds want to know

You do realise that if no-one comes back with a response, I’m going to have to actually work this out (approximately) when I get home now purely for the need to always know answers?

Easiest route is going to be to find a couple of 1hr videos, check their size and that they are approximately equivalent, then calculate the total length of sessions with video on the platform and hey-presto.




My Sufferfest Video Folder had 96GB with all cycling, yoga and strength (missing strength level 4-6) videos.

Hopefully the resolution and video quality on SYSTM is going to be improved. But maybe they are going to re encode it with a more modern and efficient codec. So who knows :blush:


This is great to know - I have a dedicated (old) MacBook Pro that’s no longer being used for work, so has been promoted to the pain cave. Problem is, the wifi can’t handle all the courage in the air and sometimes it drops out. Now I know I have enough disk space to download them all.

Hmm, if it’s a dedicated SYSTM machine, I suppose I’ll have to remove the vowels from the keyboard, too…


Hi there. Do you know the download folder location? I’m trying to locate the workout (no-vid) by its name with no result. I guess the workout have their code names or numbers, but even if I knew the download time, I couldn’t find the file.
BTW, where are the commands/captions stored? They seem a regular text, not embedded in the video stream.

Hi @Zbyszek_Cybulski,
The video download folder on windows is located at C:\Users\“YourUsername”\AppData\Roaming\SYSTM\videos

The download size is sadly still quite equal to the old SUF videos.
Even the new video like “UAE Tour 2” with it’s 33 minutes only has a download size of just 505MB which indicates a low quality. For me it is in the folder named “VpwYY2WYrg”

Thanks, @Thomas.
I wasn’t precise enough, I use a Macbook. I’m wondering whether the folder structure is similar to the Windows one. I’ve found a folder called /Users/user/Library/Application Support/SYSTM/videos and it seems to store the downloaded videos. But the question remains unanswered for no-vid workouts, for example, AC: 2 Sets of 6x20/40’s.

@Zbyszek_Cybulski, that’s the correct file location on a Mac, but they are split into many small, proprietary files. So unless you are clever enough to decode them, they’re not playable.