Strava rides import in the calender

Hello all,

For now I am happy with the SYSTM and I created a training plan, but I would like to import my rides from strava to SYSTM when I go out and ride a route on strava.

Otherwise the training plan isn’t that what I need.

Is this possible and what would be the easiest way?

Thank you all for the help, and keep sporting

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@El_hombre41 Welcome! Not possible yet - seems like something on the roadmap for the future.

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I’m trying to decide if it’s worth subscribing to X, and I came to this post for the same question. This feature is also very important to me. So is there no way to use strava routes in kickr with Systm?

Are you requesting something different?
Do you want to just see the rides you’ve done on the Wahoo/SYSTM calendar, or are you wanting to simulate outdoor routes on your trainer?


My Elemnt Bolt sends the ride to the SYSTM calendar - I suppose it only works for Wahoo kit.

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Thank you for replying.

I do not have Elemnt.

I have Kickr V5, and would like to ride a route, obtainde from a strava route for example, or a gpx file. I am knew to this, sorry. I was looking and it seems Magic roads would make it posible. Is this correct?

Yes, you if you have a SYSTM subscription then you have an RGT subscription.
You can use Magic Roads to do this.

If you had an Elemnt then that can simulate routes on a Kickr too, but Magic Roads is your route without one.


Thank you very much for your help!

I take the opportunity to ask just two other questions.

I have just checked RPG and if i understood it weel, it has a limitation to routes under 100km, is that it?

The other question is if the Elmnt is the only capable of simulating routes on a Kikcr, or if other like garmin could also?

And if any Elemnt can do it, as to say, if i find a used older and cheap one to use to this goal would be posible , and does it make sense ?

Very appreciate your inputs! :pray:

I believe so, currently, yes. Typically I’d have thought 100km for individual indoor rides would be sufficient for most people though. No idea if they plan to increase this in future.

I’m afraid I don’t know, I’m a Wahoo user, it’s possible that other platforms manage this but it’s outside my experience.

Any Bolt or Roam will allow this certainly, I’m not sure about the original Elemnt


Thank you very much for your very valuable and clarifying @Jon !

Regarding the lenght of the ride, i tend to agree with you, its just as “winter is coming”, and i am looking forward for triathlon route next year, tought that might be good or interesting to try and simulate it indoor, and it happens to have about 120km.

Will try to figure the best option. i´ve seen elmnt V1 already on ebay

Hello there,
Do you guys know ifthe feature for importing a workout from Strava ever got implemented? It sounded like it was on the roadmap 2 years ago, but I haven’t found a way to do that.
It would be great to have all my workouts in the Wahoo ecosystem.

Thanks for any help in advance.

I don’t think so… I’ve just been logging any of my Z2 rides IRL on Strava into SYSTM calendar by assigning them to a Cycling- NoVid- Endurance- >90m and choosing what length best matches the time out on the bike then add to schedule and mark complete… ie 2/ 2.5/ 3 etc…utterly naff in this day and age lol

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@brunousf2000 Not for SYSTM. Possibly one of the thoughts of buying RGT was to address that - you should be able to import there, do a ride and it will appear as done on the SYSTM calendar. For planning rides, I use placeholders like @Bazzerro outlined.

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Thanks for taking the time to write back Bazzerro.
Yeah, that does seem naff for this day in age. Too bad.

Thanks anyhow!

Thanks Jsampson. I appreciate the explanation.

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