Downward Spiral

So I just recently did DS a few days after a FF. I’d only ever done rubber gloves in the past - and only just recently got a power meter.

It sucked - as expected. What surprised me though was barely being able to get through DS though. I could hardly hit the peaks at the end and the whole workout was twice as hard as the FF.

Is this how it goes? Or did I not do my FF with complete effort?


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Hey, it could be a mix of things does DS focus on your weaknesses? Could be just an off day.

Your logic is nonsensical… You say you can barely get through DS which felt harder than FF, so you are questioning if you should have gone harder in FF. If you went harder in FF then DS would be even harder still… :wink:

It’s a tough session, but not one of the absolute savage MAP ones in my opinion, although it’s definitely one of the harder in the library. Give AVDP or Nine Hammers a go. That said, I think DS has you questioning your ability much earlier on than Nine Hammers.

Don’t worry, just congratulate yourself on a session in the bag.

Yes - it is one of the recommended for weakness…


i love 9 hammers!! haha. that said, i haven’t done it since connecting with a power meter and doing the FF with its power targets, so we shall see how that goes.

Hi Shawna. If you’ve only ever done Rubber Glove (oh how some of us miss Rubber Glove!) then you may have got used to Downward Spiral targets based on FTP. Now you have a Full Frontal in the bag, congrats, your targets are much more tailored to your actual ability across a variety of interval types. Not everybody finds every session the same as everybody else, there’s still a rider type variance, but Downward Spiral being sucky? Yeah, that sounds about right. It’s an old school workout (the first The Sufferfest workout!) so definitely one that’ll beat you up. And if it doesn’t then my opinion is turn it up! Or bonus penalty intervals!! Fortunately there are plenty of newer SUFscience-based workouts that’ll keep you at a strong simmer without (most of the time) boiling over.