Facebook donations not working

People in the UK trying to donate to my page are getting an error that says “The payment processor for this fundraiser is unable to accept donations from your location”! I’ve tried editing the fundraiser but nothing seems to work. Multiple people have this problem. Any ideas?

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My only suggestion is that you reach out to the folks at DPF eg. @Lauren_TeamDPF

Edit: also, nice fundraising effort!

I’ve had the same message quite a few times. I’ve never really got a solution when I haves raised it in the past. For me it does seem intermittent and seems to work ok at times.

My only work around is to share the link from the actual DPF page on Facebook, instead of trying to use the Facebook fundraiser.

Sorry I can’t be more help, I’d be interested to know if others have had the same issue who are IK based.

Facebook problem I ended up creating a new fundraiser inside FB where it does work then Minions said that it all rolls up in the end. Facebook has restrictions for each country where NZ is excluded.

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Thanks all. I created a new FB fundraising page and hope the minions can do their thing.

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