Drag and drop for desktop app

I’d like to suggest a drag and drop functionality for the desktop app (Mac priority).

Athletes using the desktop app should be able to simply edit and adjust their training plans by moving the building blocks around with a simple mouse drag and drop.

In addition to this, it would be a great complimentary feature that, if the athlete requires to add an extra rest day in a set training plan, he/she can simply do that by “add rest day” and the rest of the training plan will be automatically adjusted and moved.

Thank you!

I agree!

@tkopp is describing some TrainingPeaks-style functionality that I really wish were here, too. The ability to have training plans adjust for rest days is another great idea.

For what it’s worth…if I could schedule workouts and/or rest days outside of the training plan, it’d be really awesome. Would love to use the SUF calendar as my primary scheduling tool.

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Exactly. I wish I could sit down and plan out my week or month in one sitting by putting workouts in the calendar instead of having to do it manually or following a training plan to do it for me.

Additionally, on the training plans it would be nice if it would give you alternative workouts. On my older kickr, some of the rapid on/off workouts with drastic power changes are totally worthless.


Agree! Already tried dragging a training session to another day multiple times… indicating it is kind of expected, in a modern planning interface :wink: