Flexible plans for multisport

I wondered if it would be a possible future feature to have some flexibility when setting up a plan that would allow us to tailor it a bit better to our needs. I’m looking at the Half distance Tri-plan for example and there’s no option to change the run or swim workouts quantity.

Would it be possible to have us fill out what days should be swim or run workouts (based on our personal schedule) and how many workouts of each we would like? For example, I live pretty far from a pool and thus can only do one swim workout per week during the build ups. It would be nice to be able to personalise the training plan to reflect that, without having to manually delete some workouts for one week and then move around swim and run days to fit my schedule. If that’s the case, it’s easier to just keep everything in TrainingPeaks instead of in SUF.

Like in the ‘add crosstraining’ section, have a dropdown for swim and run and how much of those you’d like to have/on what days.

Also, it would be nice to be able to drag and drop workouts around in the calendar, instead of having to go to the menu, changing the date, choosing the new date, click ok and repeat for every training I want to change. Just a convenience issue.

Really enjoying the suffering, though!

This is a great request and something we will look into.
In the meantime, we can suggest a customised plan where you can discuss your plan in full detail with your coach and they will put it together for you according to your availability etc:
Customised SUFCoaching Plans