Dropped connection during workouts

In the past month I have had several workouts simply go blank right in the middle of the video. Today, 1/17/21, the SYSTM dropped me after 2 cadence builds, so I figured streaming was the problem and downloaded the workout to finish. Since I have extra time to punish myself today, I then downloaded “revolver is easy” to make sure I did not lose it, but it dropped me (blank white screen) after 8 of the ugly 15s. The extra recovery while I rebooted was welcome, but that kind of disruption defeats the purpose of the short recovery time. This NEVER happened in the 3 years I was a Sufferlandrian, before wahoo annexed Sufferlandria. Why would this happen even when I have downloaded the video?


Saw your post and hope you receive a reply from someone who truly knows the answer.
Shortly I’ll be posting a question that is related.

Have you contacted the minions?

Yes. I’m interested to see if others have similar problems.

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I’m the past I’ve had workouts go blank due to poor internet connection while streaming hence why I download them ahead of time now. Have they definitely finished downloading when you’re playing them? How’s your available storage on your device? I’m not sure of any other reason why it might happen.

Update: the Minions replied. There seems to be iOS issue for some users, so they have a temporary workaround and are working on a more durable solution.

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I had the same problem a couple of times

I had the same problem and i use android :man_shrugging:t2: