Dulux London Revolution Ultra

Training plan advice please! I’ve signed up to ride the 155mile, 7476ft of climbing London revolution in May. Any advice on what training plans to choose?

The full century plan says for a ride of 100+ miles but less than 5000ft of climbing.
The hilly gran fondo says for more than 75 miles and more than 5000ft.

Would it be wise to do one and then the other and if so, which one first? I have time to get in two twelve week plans with a few weeks to spare (FF prep maybe?).

Moving house at the mo so not looking to splash out on a bespoke plan.

Also, are there any other Sufferlandrians doing the ride?

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Also does anyone know if Cobbler will be edited into the plans? Rode it last night and (tough) loved it!

I think my plan of attack for preparation would be as you have them listed full century and then hilly gran fondo. Here is my rhyme to reason for it and any other sufferlanderians please weigh in on this. I would start with the century plan because that is going to be like a “building the base” plan for the task you are attempting so it is going to give you the distance and the time to build that level of fitness and the endurance to go with it. Then go for the hilly gran fondo which is doing all the hard work to build up your intensity so that when you finish that plan all you have to do is keep the taper and your base fitness should be there along with the intensity. So tapering will reduce volume but keep the intensity. You should be all primed for your big day.