Help with picking training plan

Hi all,
Newer to formal training plans and have been on Sufferfest since last September.

I completed a 100mi gravel plan this winter for a 75mi 6000ft gravel event and felt undertrained for the climbing, but was fine endurance-wise for a sloppy wet and cold gravel event in April.

Now I’m signed up for a 100k with 7500ft of climbing (Cabot Ride the Ridges) in 12 weeks and am waffling between mountainous 100k fondo plan (supplemented with longer outside endurance/climbing rides) and the 100mi gravel plan (supplemented with more climbing). Longest climb is 1100ft over 6 miles (3.7% avg) but it starts with a 1000ft climb over 3mi (6% avg).

Wondering if anyone has thoughts on which is more appropriate? Thanks!

Hi Luke and welcome!

You can’t go wrong with the mountainous Fondo plan and lengthening your endurance rides.

For reference: I’ve done the mountainous Fondo without any additional work to train for Liege Bastogne Liege, a 255km & 4500m climbing. Went pretty well, I must say.


Why do you think you were undertrained for the climbing?

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Specifically, outdoor pacing of climbs over 10 minutes and repeat sustained efforts above ftp

Have you considered the 100 mile MTB plan?

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Hello @LukeDuncan

For your goal event you’ve signed up for, I suggest you choose the Mountain Fondo- High Volume with Strength and Yoga. If you have not performed a Half Monty or a 4DP Test in the last 3 weeks, I recommend you complete one so your zones are dialed in before you begin your Plan! There can be a significant difference between your indoor and outdoor power so ideally you would replicate the test outdoors.

The 100 mile MTB plan @ErickT recommended is also a great option with a little less volume, but makes up for it with more intensity!

Happy Training!

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@Coach.Simon.B thank you!