Dynamic Video Text

Here’s a feature request for dynamic text inside the videos based on your numbers and your effort.

I don’t know if this is already incorporated into any videos other than Half Monty. During the ramp portion, the video text tells you your updated MAP score as you progress.

I’ve always wondered if the text in the videos is dynamic, i.e. the text is different based on your actual efforts or not. Because a few times, when I would get to the end of an interval or an interval set, the video text will say “You really smashed it!” or “You came in second”, etc, etc. or “Was that it? You can do better.”

If the app already does this then this request can be ignored. However, if it doesn’t, then I think it would be a cool new feature.

When you get to the end of an interval or interval set, the app can calculate your actual numbers compared to the numbers it would expect based on your 4DP and the video’s power profile, etc, and then change the message text it gives you to say things like:

1 - You hit your expected numbers: “Way to nail that effort! Gunter would be proud,” or
2 - You exceeded your expected numbers: “You really nailed it! But, remember you still have 4 more sets remaining. Don’t go overboard.”
3 - You were below your expected numbers: “You can do better than that. Put in more effort on the next set or you’ll end up at flogging station number 37.”

Or at the end of a final sprint it could say:
1 - hit your expected numbers: “You pushed through and took it by a wheel length! Fantastic effort. All of Sufferlandria is rejoicing!”
2 - You exceeded your numbers: “You blew them away! We’ve never seen someone win a 100m sprint by 100m before!”
3 - You were below your numbers: “That was a great effort, but in a two-up sprint you came in third. Grunter expects better of you next time, otherwise it’s pain shakes for breakfast AND lunch.”

The calculations would also have to include whether you’re doing a reduced intensity workout so you don’t get complaints that you’re sucking wheel even tho that’s Grunter’s instructions. Maybe in that case, if you have a reduced intensity workout and you exceed your numbers then the text will tell you “This is supposed to be a reduced intensity workout, so stay within your limits because recovery is just as important as the suffering that preceded it.”

Anyway… I wasn’t sure if this was already a thing or not, but could be cool if implemented.

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I like it. +1. :slight_smile:

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I agree, it would push me a lot harder to know my efforts actually have a consequence (be it very small). +1

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Upvoting! I think at some point in the future choose your own adventure videos with different endings/paths would be amazing, but until that point this would be great!

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This bit would be particularly nice I think. Dialled-down rides can be a struggle sometimes, so re-affirming that you are doing the right thing and all is ok with the world is a positive, and very MTP-like.

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Like all next intervalls and targets will be 10% higher :wink:

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I have also thought about this. I might would like in some sort of Team Radio setting for the ProRides.
But not for The Sufferfest videos. I feel comfortable with the Sufferfest humor because it is NOT a reaction to my actual performance. I find it funny, when the team car driver askes me if I really call that suffering, if this is static text. I wouldn’t like it if I get the message because I actually underperformed. So, dynamic video text if it has some positive vibes: Team Radio in ProRides. But the regular Sufferfest videos are not so much about positive vibes but beating the underdog, which you/we are in these told stories. Again for me, that is funny, as long as I represent this character in a pre-scripted story, but not if it is really about me.