Elements of style immediately after Rookie

I’m doing the In Season Criterium plan and today called for doing The Rookie followed by Elements of Style. The Rookie wiped me out and then Elements of Style, which normally shows up on my Strava as a single digit relative effort, was a 40 relative effort. Is it a good idea to do Element of Style when already so stressed? On the one hand it adds to the pressure to keep good form. On the other hand it makes it more difficult to concentrate of just doing things right. What was Von Agony thinking when he made these rides back-to-back?

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I think you answered your own question: keep the style when tired/stressed. Sounds ideal for a criterium plan.

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That’s exactly right! Doing the Rookie will have targeted your FTP as well as your AC numbers during the 10min races (let’s just not talk about that extra minute in race 2 :wink: ). So by the time you get to Elements of Style and don’t have a lot left, it is a great time to consider your form and focus on this as much as possible during the reasonably sustained efforts of the workout.