Question about the Criterium training plans

Hi there. I have a question about the Criterium training plans that maybe someone who has tried them can answer (or maybe Coach Henderson or Coach Cassin can comment about their design). On most weekends I see there is a race on the schedule. Is the idea to do the race instead of the workout that is listed, or should you do both?

When I’ve done races in the past, I don’t often have much left in the tank to take on a quality workout afterward (not to mention the time).

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Hi, @Steve_Q.

If you have a race planned: Do only your race.
If you have no race: Do only the workout listed.

The details of the in-season criterium plan state in the special notes section:

Each “Optional” Race has another workout listed that day, which is the session you should do if you do not have a race that weekend.


Hey @Steve_Q,
Great question! As our crit plans are in season, they contain the race options but if you are not racing, don’t worry about this aspect and do the recommended workout.
As @Pierre mentioned, you don’t want to be doing both.


Thanks for the clarification… but wouldn’t it be awesome if I was strong enough to go full out in a race AND knock off a SUF workout on the same day? It’s nice to dream.:grinning:

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I think this is more of a nightmare than a dream. :scream: