Elements of Style Questions

A few questions regarding EOS.

  1. Flat back. What is the meaning of that? A straight back? The guy in the video has his back in the shape of a “C” not flat or straight. Should it be make the shape of a C with your back?

  2. Knees pointing into top tube. Are we just leaning our knees in or should we we rotating the knees in from the hips? (Which is extremely uncomfortable BTW).

  3. Elbows in. Wait. I’ve always heard elbows out and soft hands + shoulders. That way you can work with your suspension and move side to side to better control the bike and absorb the impacts from rock and roots in both the climbs and descents. Is this outdated thinking/advice?

Edited 4) “You should feel this in your glutes.” What exactly should I be feeling?

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I’m no expert at all, but from my personal understanding:

  1. here a nice read.
  1. A road bike has a smaller Q-factor than an MTB and idea is just to keep them aligned so that transfer ofpower is more efficient. But always keep in mind everybody is different so some people maybe have to have more angle than others. Also knees out means more aero drag!

  2. EOS comment i believe are oriented to Road cyclists with drop bars and not MTB handlebars, position of course is different on the bike.


Thanks for sharing the link. Yeah, a straight back like that is nice for a stretch after a hard steep climb. Definitely uncomfortable for anything longer than a short stretch.

There is a lot of “road speak” in the workouts I still don’t understand or are counter to what happens in an XC race.


Ooh, maybe transfer this to the requests section, and ask for an Elements of Style MTB version

  1. never be seen in Lycra
  2. mash that single speed at whatever cadence
  3. beard grooming section

That, @RichardK, needs this platform to have a lol reaction instead of a plain like.

Beard grooming … :joy::joy::facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3::joy::joy:

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I’m still struggling with this workout.

  1. In the high cadence drills they guy in the white SUF kit is not modeling proper technique- he’s bouncing all over the place. :laughing:

  2. Up- stroke. Yeah. I don’t feel this in my glutes at all. Hamstrings - yes in the backs of the knees and that’s about it. Could be:
    A) I have strong glutes (from all the yoga + SUF strength of course)
    B) I have weak glutes
    C) I have other muscles that are more dominant
    D) I still have no clue on how to do the upstroke correctly so the correct muscles engage properly

  3. Standing. This section always feels good and natural. I can do this with almost no fork bob and using my glutes. Maybe from riding a 20” bike that way in the distant past?

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