Elements of Style - appreciation post

A couple of months ago, I came across the ‘Elements of Style’ session as part of the training plan. Having cycled for as long as I have, I had a pretty arrogant attitude towards it and considered it a bit silly. I went ahead with it anyways, and boy (or girl) do I stand corrected!

Now every time the road goes up I remind myself of the tips in that session. It’s remarkable how much effect it has on my performance.

Main style problems for me are

  • the shoulders: I tend to pull 'm into my ears and
  • the pedal stroke: it’s not just stamping down on the vertical bit.

How do others see this, do you feel significant benefit of this exercise?

On a side note, being instructed by Carlton Kirby is weirdly motivating.


I agree. Turn off all the power smoothing on your trainer and SYSTM app once or twice and look at all the spikes and lags you’ll generate for different efforts. Will make you appreciate what Elements of Style is trying to say.


Not personally, because I never ever do EoS unless I really eally have to (i.e. ToS), but pleased to read that it’s working for you. Nothing against the Carlton Kirby commentary or general concept, just not one for me.

and keep them turned off. Always. Forever. :grin:


Absolutely. The only place I have 3 second power is on my Bolt because the 1 second power field isn’t colored. Even then, I show both. Anywhere else I have power smoothing off. I can check my average power later.


oh absolutely. :+1:t2:

Did elements of style for the first time on the TT bike today. It was quite an eye opener!