ELEMNT and Wahoo X

I just did my first SYSTM workout - Half Monty. I am coming from Zwift.

Several questions:

  1. the Wahoo SYSTM app wants me to go into the ELEMNT app to link it to my account. I cannot see where in the app to do this.

  2. SYSTM gave me my FTP. It has not updated my data in my ELEMNT app. I figured since both are Wahoo, they would talk. Not the case?

  3. in the ELEMT app I can set HR ranges and what not. Is this what I use cTHR for?


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Unless you’re using any Wahoo hardware (like Bolt or Roam) you don’t need to use the Element app to use the Systm app - it’s only if you want to have workouts pushed in/out of Wahoo to your Bolt etc

They link up by using the same Wahoo login for both.

(And not sure if the mutually update data like FTP - but not too surprising if not)