Just ordered POWRLINK for outside training purpose, the question is how can i link workout from SYSTM to ELEMNT or VIRAL Watch to training outdoor instead of boring indoor with KICKR.

Will be best if we can load the workload from SYSTM to ELEMENT or VIRAL, is it possible?

Is that only possible with Trainer Road or TrainingPeaks? if that is true, it’s so embarrassing that Wahoo Product ( SYSTM in this case ) is not compatible with Wahoo family

Any ideas or work around to do SYSTM training outdoor


The ability to export workouts to an Elemnt head unit is coming. Until then the No Vid workouts tend to have the instructions in their description and you need to transfer that to something like Training Peaks and sync that with your head unit. If it’s a Sufferfest video you can look at the targets and try to replicate it in training peaks. I wouldn’t worry about every single power target change but look at the block as a whole, for example A Very Dark Place as 5 x 4 min invervals at 110% FTP

And I’m very jealous of your Powrlink!


hello, thanks so much for your solution

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The ability ist coming…how far away is it, can you be more specific? :anguished: Spring is on its way and finally having the possibility to cycle outside again and the capability of syncing planned SYSTM training sessions to my ELEMNT ROAM is something I am desperately waiting for! Cheers

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I don’t work for Wahoo so couldn’t tell you, sorry

@Gaense i don’t know the timing but I thought I read somewhere that it was on the roadmap for this year.

There are a few workouts already on the Element Bolt - access by going to planned workouts. Most of the SYSTM workouts also include instructions so you can write them down and stick them to your top tube.

You can also create workouts in Training Peaks and import them to the Element Bolt app.

I ride MTB and keep it simple when going outside - either staying in Z2 for the ride with some acceleration when going up hills or push hard for the entire ride at a race pace.

Thanks @JSampson, let’s hope and see if that proves to be true. The problem with Training Peaks, Today’s plan, etc is that this requires additional subscriptions, quite costly over time. Having everything integrated in 1 platform through 1 provider, in this case Wahoo, would be seamless and the optimum solution. Moreover I really started to like SYSTM and the Sufferfest sessions and have set up a training plan ending at the first MTB race in May, to properly kick start the MTB season. Some of the sessions in the plan are designed to be done outdoor, so syncing to the ELEMNT would come really handy.