Elemnt Bolt and Planned Rides

Hoping this is s Systm question. Planning on taking a 3 hour zone 2 ride outside. On my Elemnt Bolt the page for the ride includes a graph at the bottom which I would prefer not be there. My aging eyes want that space for a larger display of heart rate and power zone. In the Elemnt app, when editing the Planned Workout page, there is no option to remove the graph. I found nothing on this when searching elsewhere (Elemnt Bolt, Elemnt pages, ect) so again, hoping this is a Systm setting I’m not seeing? Can we remove that graph?

Why don’t you create a page with the stats you want to see and select that page on your Elemnt?

I was hoping to keep the session within the Systm calendar so the plan’s session would be marked as complete.

You can create the page as above, start your activity as you wish, ride outside and page across to the the Created page to see what you want. It doesn’t take away from marking the session complete on the calendar once you conclude your session.

Or maybe I am missing something? :person_shrugging:t3:

AH. Nice. Makes sense. The Bolt is just recording and does not care what page you are looking at. Thank you.