Remove Tests from Bolt

I understand that Systm will automatically push workouts, from my Systm calendar, to my Bolt. When I looked at how to remove workouts from an Elemnt, I found the following:

ELEMNT shows from yesterday to +5 days of workouts, whether they are completed or not. It will be automatically refreshed each time ELEMNT is powered on or the sync button is pressed.

Ok by me but the hurdle is that I have no upcoming events on my calendar but when I go into my Bolt planned workouts, I see 2 tests and 8 plans. Any ideas on how to remove these? Synching is working, I can add and remove a workout from the Systm calendar and see it be added and removed from the Volt’s planned workouts.

May have found my answer. When adding a workout to the Systm calendar and syncing the Bolt, the workout appears and the two tests and plans disappear from planned workouts. Guessing the tests and plans are some sort of default.