Elemnt Bolt - randomly reverting to mph

I’ve had circa 3 occasions in the last couple of months where my Elemnt Bolt v2 randomly starts displaying mph instead of kph.

I have it set to metric in the app, and haven’t changed that. Each time this happens i seem to need to pull out the phone and change it again. I’m wondeirng if it is happening everytime there is an update to the device.

Anyone else experienced the same?

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Yes, same issue with my ELEMNT BOLT (original). Dsplay changed to MPH from KPH.

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Weird you should mention that now. I just recently got a 1st gen Roam for a steal, and really like it, but it’s been doing that too the past couple of weeks. I have it and the app set to metric, but it switches back to imperial every time I turn it on.

What’s up, Wahoo?

I just got this for the first time tonight … WTF?? been flawless on this setting for years and I have a Elemnt Bolt first gen.

Same. First usage for months and it’s suddenly mph. I went 3/8ths less distance than I had hoped for…

Mine did the opposite for a while. Did my head in. Check that the app and your Wahoo account (SYSTM, RGT, etc.) are set to the proper measurement.