Custom Alerts ELEMNT

It could be a good idea to add the possibility to chose if the custom alerts are dismissed after several secondes or manually only as today. Having to dismiss manually during hard workout/climbs or moment you cannot reach the Roam or Bolt is sometimes a hassle. By adding the choice to do it manually I’d be dismissed offer 15/30/60 secondes could be a good way to please everyone.
Thanks for your consideration in future firmware upgrade!


+1 to this.

I would find this useful too.

And put the dismiss button right or left, not centre, so one can use the DI2 buttons on the hoods when set up…!



Better yet. Let’s map the centre one too. We already have tap and hold. What about both at the same time? Like front ring shifting for SRAM. That could be the center button

I feel such a tourist when I read stuff like this - didn’t even know my Bolt could do that…

Thanks @Artephil , I may try that and manually dismiss them until your suggestion is implemented

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