ELEMNT recording two rides as one and turning off

I recently rode my bike to work and had hoped to have the ride there and back as one ride. When I got in I turned off my Element to spare the battery, but when I turned it on, the ride was gone. Now, it did save the ride, but I couldn’t continue it. This isn’t a big deal in this scenario, but is there a way to change it so the ride doesn’t just save when I turn it off? Is there a way to put the computer to sleep without turning it off? Or would I have to leave it on all day?

Why do you want to record as 1 ride, when presumably there is a whole working day of around 8 hours between them?

I just do.

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Probably the same reason why I like to record multiday rides as one event with somrtimes a whole evening, night and morning between active ride sessions.

Also.avoids cluttering up one’s feed

Yip, I noticed this too in the exact same use case, using my Elemnt Bolt

My workaround was using the app (WFA), pausing the workout upon arriving at work, not closing the app accidentally, and unpausing the workout on the way home.

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