End workout early

Running Fullscreen on iMac desktop, wanted to finish workout early but could not find a way to get end workout option and save

@jroden99 Did you pause the video? Usually there is an option to end once you pause.

Here is what it looks like on iOS when I pause.


Pausing the workout will give you the option to end the workout early

Don’t forget that you can also pause and drag the marker on the workout progression bar at the bottom of the screen to any point in the workout and restart; say if you wanted finish the effort early but complete the warm down before saving (or repeat that last Hammer just one more time).

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Thank you for the screenshot I think I know what happened now. I had an error message from something unrelated and it was obscuring the upper right hand corner of my screen when I’m running full screen so I missed that option, thank you for posting that

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