Unable to resume after stopped video

Hello - was riding “The Trick” - at the 33 min mark the video stopped (claiming a connection issue - I was streaming) - this went away - but the workout would not reboot (though it was showing the metrics coming from my trainer). I tried another workout and it seemed to be fine. Stopped, rebooted - everything - no go. Frustrating.

What to do here? Was it likely a one off snafu?
Wish there was a way to reboot/resume an unfinished workout from the left-off point. Would solve this matter if experienced again (instead of the option to resume when done or paused). Any stoppage should have this option as a workaround for a dropped signal or crash. Just thoughts.

Thanks for any insight.

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First, welcome to the forums @Barry_Smith!

It is always recommended to download the video prior to playing as this eliminates any possible streaming issues (regardless of the quality of your internet/wifi connection). If you are worried about storage you can always delete the video when you are done. I do this myself (even though I’ve got plenty of space).

Even when downloaded, occasionally there’ll be a video error where the workout continues but the video is temporarily lost. I find if I just keep riding, the video usually reestablishes itself and I’m good to go.

There is currently no way to pick up from where you’ve left off and what I would do in your case is just save what I’ve already done, start the video up again from the library, forward the video to the 33 minute mark, make sure all my sensors were connected and start fresh from there. You’ll end up with 2 files but you’ll have completed the workout. You could always just start over but I can’t imagine “wanting” to do that with The Trick (or any SUF video for that matter :wink: :joy: :rofl:).


I’ve had the video stop before. As long as the graph is continuing at the bottom the only problem is with the video. If I wait 10-15 seconds the video usually starts back up again. Sometimes if it doesn’t, I go to the setting and flip the toggle switch to play the workout without the video off and then back on again (or is that on and back off again?) and that does the trick, too. Granted that can be difficult during a section of intervals, but I’ve done it while riding. You can also pause the workout, flip the toggles, then unpause it. One of those usually does the trick without having to completely stop and restart the workout. But yeah, if you can always stop and save the workout and then restart it and fast forward to the point your original workout stopped and continue from there as @Glen.Coutts mentioned. That’s usually my last resort and I don’t know that I’ve ever needed to do that before except maybe once ever.


Hello to you both!! THANK YOU so much for your prompt and informative replies. I will see how my next workout goes tomorrow and will explore the download recommendation for future use. This is great to have this kinks of support and kindness!!!

Though - we all suffer :wink: