Export systm activity as fit file


Is it possible to export a SYSTM activity as a fit file after the fact? I believe there is an option to send it as an email when the activity finishes but it’s not something I’ve ever done. I have requested all of my SYSTM data but was given a csv file, which I doubt contains all of the data multiple fit files would contain. Thanks!

Click on the completed activity in your calendar, then click the three dots next to the edit button. Use the Share, email option.

Thanks but email option is not there. Only strava. On closer inspection the csv file contains URLs to fit files so I guess I’ll have to curl them. Not super intuitive.

If you haven’t enabled emailing yourself a fit file for every ride, it may not appear as an option under Sharing. If you can automate fetching the files and renaming them to something sensible that would be much faster than using the calendar to download them individually.

Yes. I have been able to automate the download using curl and the following flags (as there is a redirect to some API endpoint): -L -J

hey @J3R you need to authorize “email” under “Authorized Apps” in order to send yourself a fit file directly.

If you’ve done that, this is what you’ll see

then when you go to share you see this:

If you haven’t enabled sharing via email, then this (or something like it) is what you’ll see when you click the share option

Edit: I’ll add that, on occasion, I’ll want a FIT file too but don’t want it every time. Because of that, I don’t have the “Email me” option enabled by default but just switch it on when needed.

Hope this helps.


I had not done it for a while so I requested and downloaded a copy of my ride history. Two things of note:

  1. The RGT rides are not included.
  2. They have a column titled FIT FILE, of which NONE of the many links I tried worked. All WORTHLESS. I thought this might be a way to get the bulk links to your FIT files, but alas, no.
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Correction. Apparently when you click on the link it downloads the FIT file to your download folder. Learned something.

So if you request a link for your ride history, you will have all the links to a fit file for all Systm ride, just not RGT.

Yes, for RGT activities I had to manually upload them via email (one at a time, painful). At least with the CSV file from SYSTM, I was able to automate the download of the fit files using curl.


How do you do this?

What is curl?

In RGT, go to Menu → My account and each ride of interest, select “Get ride data” and then Email.

curl is a command-line tool mostly found on Linux/Mac systems but a Windows version exists. It allows you to write a script to process all URLs in an automated way. But some experience with the command line is required.

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I went to the RGTCycling.com site and selected ride History. Then I just clicked on the email icon for each. Just go right down the list. You get an email for each ride with both a gpx & fit file. Then download from your email. A bit time consuming but not difficult.

The question is, does this need to be done before close of business today? I understand the app will no longer work, but will the rgtcycling website still be up?

I wouldn’t count on it. I think the plan is for a complete shut down but I dunno. If it’s important to you, don’t wait to find out.

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