How to export data file?

I’ve just started with a coach, and as the weather turns I’m moving my riding indoors. I have a Tacx Neo and want to use the Sufferfest workouts (including Open workouts) to complete my assigned training…what are my options for exporting training data from Sufferfest as a fit file or other useful format so that I can share it with my coach??

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You can email it to yourself from the popup when the workout completes.


Hi Leeanne

From FAQ: []

All of your data can also be downloaded to your computer or device. The data will be sent in a .CSV file and is best viewed in a spreadsheet app.

If you to to Application Settings you can set up to automatically send to your designated email account.

alternative option is send to 3P (Training Peaks) and give your coach access.


Great, thanks!


Thanks, Joe - this is helpful!!


I’m looking to do the same. I’m intrigued by the Sufferfest workouts but want to keep using my coach for the overall training schedule and workout selection/target setting. I’m wondering if there’s a way my coach can pick which Sufferfest workouts I should do or if the common workouts he prescribes will match any of the videos in Sufferfest.

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I’m on my trial period with SF and did my first workout…tried to download my file to transfer to WKO but the 2 file formats were not compatible. Did I do something wrong?