Cannot Download Activity From Email

Activity did not automatically upload to Strava today.

Emailed it to myself to download and manually upload to Strava.

Clicking the button in the email (have tried in Firefox, MS Edge, and Google Chrome) yields an empty new tab. No downloading, as far as I can tell. Not even a link in the address bar.

Anyone know why or what I can do to resolve this?

Go into you progress area and find the ride you want to sync. Click on the three dots next to edit. When " share" comes up click that and the Strava option should come up if that is your syncing option

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Did that like four times before emailing to self.

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Ok, not sure then??

I think there may have been some Strava issues the other day (lack of images). Might be worth another shot. In my experience, if there’s an issue with things not populating in Strava, it’s usually something on Strava’s end and it’s usually resolved in a day or so.

I had the same problem yesterday - multiple re-syncs didnt seem to help. It sorted itself out late on in the day. (So, I can’t help…)

That’s generally true in my experience as well, but Strava had no issue receiving data from Pole Flow for the same activity (I record on a watch and within the Wahoo ecosystem).

The issue stands though… I can’t download the file I received via email.

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lOlllllll hahahaha no worries!

Can you show a screenshot of this? I having a hard time picturing it.

Surely the file is just an attachment (or has this method of delivery changed since I last used it, which was a while ago)?

Tested just now cuz this seemed odd to me too.

What happens for me is that clicking the fit file button in the email does open a blank web browser page but the file does download to my downloads folder. Not sure why the browser opens at all but I still get the file. Or is that not what you’re after Sir?

Here is a screen shot from Safari on a Mac. Blank web page but downloads show fit files downloaded.

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It’s a link to a file (tcx and fit). I think this changed sometime mid-2020.

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Good to know I’m up with the times :flushed::grinning:


If you share it by email from within the ELEMNT app rather than the SYSTM it still includes the FIT file as an attachment to the email rather than as a link. At least it does on Android.

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Oooh interesting. Nice tip

Don’t have an ELEMNT.

You are luckier than me. Checked my downloads folder and nothing.

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Your screenshot shows you are using a phone. Where does your phone auto save downloaded files?

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I sent you the screenshot from my phone. I did not use my phone when attempting to download the files…

My activities from SYSTM show up on the ELEMNT app even though they were recorded on SYSTM and not using my Roam.

I don’t know if you can just install the app and login to your usual Wahoo account to see your SYSTM stuff, perhaps you can or maybe need to pair a device Bolt/Roam/Rival to make it work properly.