Export workout

I’m testing Systm app. I’ve not see any option to export workout in file or better, into Garmin Connect. Is it possible ?
Few cycling workout can be done outside but running are always outside. If I do workout manually in GC, it will be very frustrating !

Go to settings, and then click on the authorized apps tab, I think thiis is what you want to

Thanks. I’ve already do that and my workout session appears in my Garmin Connect profile. So, i’d like to export session as a workout to execute it from my garmin device.

That’s a upcoming feature, so the coming soonish section in the dc raimmaker article (and I believe it was in the announcment post)

Okay, thanks. For the moment, I must convert manually Systm workout to Garmin workout.
Do you know if, Systm will retrieve outdoor session in his calendar ?

At this point no, but I believe it’s future functionality and part of the diagnotic’s module that will start coming into the system before the end of the year (same sources), I’m not in the know, just repeating what I have read elsewhere in this forum

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I’ll be patient :wink:
Thanks for your time